Mission Trips

"If someone who has the riches of this world sees his brother in need and closes his heart to him, how does the love of God abide in him."  (1 John 3:17) 

Servant Leadership
Our Catholic social teachings ask us to serve the poor and vulnerable.We are committed to this task - regardless of the school or the grade.Every day, students and staff throughout our board reach out to those in need through their social justice work. 

At Joan of Arc we wanted to provide our students with a more profound opportunity to experience servant leadership, which is why we introduced our Mission Trips program. 

Making a Difference
Beginning 2009, students and staff  have embarked on 9 different mission trips. More than 300 students have traveled to Kenya, Ecuador, India, Nicaragua, Tanzania and Ghana. They spend close to two weeks immersed in the culture, working on educational activities and building projects. The goal is to help improve the local community in practical ways.

For every single student and staff member who has participated in one of these mission trips, the experience has been life-altering.