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     Principal: Mr. J. Timmins

     Vice Principals: 
Mrs. A. Sheehan
     Mr. S. Charlebois

School Chaplain
Ms. A. Purvis

     Chair of Guidance
     Mr. D. Williams

     School Trustee
     Ms. M Hardie

School Parent Council Chair
     Ms. M. Sweet

     Holy Spirit Parish
     Rev. Tad Walczyk

     Community Police Officer:
     Constable Jamie Westcott

   JOA School Information
   Policies & Procedures

        Holy Spirit Parish
  St Mary's Barrie
        St. Mary's Parish

   Our Lady of Grace Parish

        Community of Schools

        Our Lady of Grace
         St. Bernadette
      St. Catherine of Sienna
           St. Nicholas
      The Good Shepherd



            President: Sean Bilissis

            President: Jessica Flack
            Vice-Pres: Mackenzie Fraser
            Vice-Pres: Sam Ingram
            Council Members
                   Megan Broe
                   Jodie Koniuch
                   Keah Hughes
                   Connor Woolsey
                   Lindsay O'Brien
                   Bridget Deschenes
                   Mikaela Vieira
                   Anjie Ogunsia
                   Jenna Petersen
                   Stephanie Walsh

           Staff Advisor:  Mr. D. Williams
Mackenzie Fraser

               JOA Uniform        
      DGN Kilters

  Ontario Universities' Fair

    Ontario Universities' Application Center
Over 300 Virtual Campus Tours of all
Canadian Universities and Colleges. - See more at: http://www.campustour.ca/index.html#content
Over 300 Virtual Campus Tours of all
Canadian Universities and Colleges. - See more at: http://www.campustour.ca/index.html#content

         Campus Tours

         Parent Tool Kit
  Helping Your Kids Succeed


    Student Scholarships


   Canadian Mental Health Association

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 logo    Courageous  in Faith
Devoted in Spirit


15-16 theme

St Joan of Arc Catholic High School offers a robust and comprehensive selection of courses and co-curricular opportunities that appeal to everyone's aptitudes and interests. We pride ourselves on our school's family atmosphere, student supports, inclusive & integrated classes, and ultimately our students' success.  Rooted in faith, hope and love we celebrate God's gift of each of us to each other, while walking hand in hand together caring,  helping, doing, learning, becoming, celebrating,and
giving thanks.

             Parents: Important Information

         Re: Labour Negotiations in our Board/Schools 
    Letter from SMCDSB Director : Mr. B. Beal               

                 2015 -16 School Year
           It's Going To Be An Awesome Year!
                    Be part of the JOA Way!
         "Courageous in Faith-Devoted in Spirit"

Reminder: The $30.00 Student Activity Fee is now due.  Please make cheques payable to : St Joan of Arc Catholic High School.
Good attendance and honouring bell schedules is essential to success at JOA.
The JOA School Code of Conduct is in full effect for all members of our School Community.


                   JOA  vs St. Joe's
            Oct 2nd, Midhurst Fields

                          OCT 16th
                    7:00pm - 11:00pm

         Elections Canada Polling Station
                      Oct 19th, JOA