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     Principal: Mr. J. Timmins

     Vice Principals: 
Mrs. A. Sheehan
     Mr. S. Charlebois

School Chaplain
Ms. A. Purvis

     Chair of Guidance
     Mr. D. Williams

     School Trustee
     Ms. M Hardie

School Parent Council Chair
     Ms. M. Sweet

     Holy Spirit Parish
     Rev. Tad Walczyk

     Community Police Officer:
     Constable Jamie Westcott

   JOA School Information
   Policies & Procedures

        Holy Spirit Parish
  St Mary's Barrie
        St. Mary's Parish

   Our Lady of Grace Parish

        Community of Schools

        Our Lady of Grace
         St. Bernadette
      St. Catherine of Sienna
           St. Nicholas
      The Good Shepherd




            Vice President:
            Social Convenor:

           Arts Rep:

           Athletic Rep:
          Tech Rep:
          Grade 12 Rep:
          Grade 11 Rep:
          Grade 10 Rep:

          Grade 9 Rep:
          Provincial Rep:

          Executive Council
         Junior Reporter:

               JOA Uniform        
      DGN Kilters


    Ontario Universities' Application Center
Over 300 Virtual Campus Tours of all
Canadian Universities and Colleges. - See more at: http://www.campustour.ca/index.html#content
Over 300 Virtual Campus Tours of all
Canadian Universities and Colleges. - See more at: http://www.campustour.ca/index.html#content

         Campus Tours

         Parent Tool Kit
  Helping Your Kids Succeed


    Student Scholarships


   Canadian Mental Health Association

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 logo    Courageous  in Faith
Devoted in Spirit


St Joan of Arc Catholic High School offers a robust and comprehensive selection of courses and co-curricular opportunities that appeal to everyone's aptitudes and interests. We pride ourselves on our school's family atmosphere, student supports, inclusive & integrated classes, and ultimately our students' success.  Rooted in faith, hope and love we celebrate God's gift of each of us to each other, while walking hand in hand together caring,  helping, doing, learning, becoming, celebrating,and giving thanks.   

                   2015 -16 School Year

                       JOA is now Open !
            ​  New Registrations Welcome!
           It's Going To Be An Awesome Year!
                      Be part of the JOA Way!
         "Courageous in Faith-Devoted in Spirit"

           Thursday September 3rd

           September 3rd 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Grade 9 Students will be able to pick up  timetables, set up lockers, meet teachers and EAs,  tour the school, and visit class rooms.  JOA's Knights' Mentor team will be here to answer your questions, show you around, and extend our welcome. See you on the third.

15-16 theme

The SMCDSB Board theme for the 2015-16 school year is Nurturing God’s Family
We are all part of God’s family – brothers and sisters who are loved by God our father. We are called to value and honour the role of family in our lives, whether it is our global family, church family, board family or those who are closest to us. The role of the family is to nurture. When we nurture something, we are encouraging its growth and development. We care for people so that they can become who God created them to be, helping them to grow and develop their unique abilities. We will see our theme come alive throughout the school year as we continue to build and nurture loving communities.

              Get Your School  Uniforms! 

All uniform pieces for Joan of Arc are to be purchased from DGN Kilters.
You can browse and order the uniform pieces on their website. They are located at 132 Commerce Park Drive Unit D in Barrie

                 Mission Trip 2015-16
                       Late April-Early May
                    30 Grd. 11 Students and 5 Staff

                           Me to We

                   Tanzania  Africa

  September 2015 Home‐to‐School Transportation 

Beginning August 17, 2015, student transportation information for the 2015‐2016 school year will be available through the SCSTC website (school ‘Login’ section).

  A Safe Place to Explore Questions About Life and God        


  September 2015  
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   Board Holiday (No Classes - All Schools)
   Sep 01 2015
   Board Holiday (No Classes - All Schools)
   Sep 02 2015
   PA Day (All Schools)
   Sep 03 2015
   Grade 9 Orientation Day & Open House
   Sep 03 2015 at 12:00 PM
   Board Holiday (No Classes - All Schools)
   Sep 04 2015
   Labour Day
   Sep 07 2015
Bus Schedule

Our school is in central zone. School bus cancellation information can be found at  www.simcoecountyschoolbus.ca


Tuesday, Sept 8 at 2:30 on the playing field.  All grade 9 and 10's  interested are asked to come in athletic gear ready to practice.  Equipment will be issued later in the week.

Animated flaming football spiraling upward into the sky
2015-16 Sr. Knights' Football


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