School Code of Conduct


The Principal, under the direction of their school board, takes a leadership role
in the daily operation of a school. The Principal can provide this leadership by:
        *Demonstrating care and commitment to spiritual and academic excellence in
         a safe and learning environment;
        *Holding everyone, under the Principal's authority, accountable for their
         behaviour and actions;
        *Communicating regularly and meaningfully with all members of their school
        *Supporting St. Joan of Arc High School Code of Conduct
        *Supporting the ongoing faith development of all students and empowering
         students to be positive leaders in their school community.

Teachers and School staff under the leadership of the Principal will maintain
order in the school and are expected to hold everyone to the highest standard of
respectful and responsible behaviour. As role models, all staff uphold these high
standards in the following ways:
        * Demonstrate care and commitment to spiritual and academic excellence in a
          safe teaching and learning environment;
        * Support the ongoing faith development of all students and empower students
          to be leaders in their classroom, school, and community;
        * Help students work to their full potential and develop their self-worth;
        * Champion continuous improvement in all students and foster positive
        * Communicate regularly and meaningfully with parents;
        * Maintain consistent standards of behaviour for all students;
        * Demonstrate respect for all students, staff and parents;
        * Prepare students for the full responsibilities of citizenship;
        * Support St. Joan of Arc High School Code of Conduct.

Students are to be treated with respect and dignity. In return, they must
demonstrate respect for themselves, for others and for the responsibilities of
citizenship through acceptable behaviour. Respect and responsibility are
demonstrated by a student through the following actions:
        * Comes to school prepared, on time and ready to learn;
        * Shows respect for themselves, for others and for those in authority;
        * Uses non-violent means to resolve conflict;
        * Is courteous to fellow pupils and obedient and courteous to teachers;
        * Refrains from bringing anything to school that may compromise the safety of
        * Refrains from being in possession of under the influence of alcohol or illegal
        * Supports the established rules and takes responsibility for their actions.

Parents play an important role in the education of their children and have a
responsibility to support the efforts of school staff in maintaining a safe and
respectful learning environment for all students. Parents fulfill this responsibility in
the following ways:
        * Show an active interest in their child's school work and progress;
        * Communicate regularly with the school;
        * Help their child be neat, appropriately dressed in school uniform and
          prepared for school;
        * Ensure that their child attends school regularly and on time;
        * Promptly report to the school their child's absence or late arrival;
        * Become familiar with and support St. Joan of Arc's Code of Conduct and
          school rules;
        * Encourage and assist their child in following the rules of behaviour;
        * Assist school staff in dealing with disciplinary issues.

Parish, police and community members are essential partners in making the
St. Joan of Arc High School community safer. Clergy and parish members
provide support and resources in the development of the faith life, providing the
foundation for the moral tone of our school communities. Police investigate
incidents in accordance with the Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board
Police Protocol. This protocol is based on a provincial model developed by the
Ministry of the Solicitor General and the Ministry of Education.


Respect, Civility and Responsible Citizenship
        *Responsible citizenship involves appropriate participation in the civic and
        spiritual life of St. Joan of Arc High School community and the appropriate
        use and care of school and personal property including, but not limited to,
        bringing objects to school that may compromise the safety of students and
        staff. Active and engaged citizens are aware of their rights, but more
        importantly, they accept responsibility for protecting their rights and the rights
        of others.
        * Members of St. Joan of Arch High School community are expected to use
        non-violent means to resolve conflict. Physically aggressive behaviour is not
        a responsible way to interact with others. Our goal is to champion continuous
        improvement in all students and the fostering of positive relationships.
        * The possession, use or threatened use of any object to injure another person
        endangers the safety of everyone and will not be tolerated.
        * Alcohol and illegal drugs are addictive and present a health hazard. We will
        work cooperatively with police and community agencies to promote
        prevention strategies and respond to school members who are in possession
        of or under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
        * Insults, disrespect, abuse, and other hurtful acts disrupt learning and teaching
        in a school community. Members of St. Joan of Arc High School community
        have a responsibility to maintain an environment where conflict and
        difference can be addressed in a manner characterized by respect and
        * Realistic consequences for failure to meet the expectations of appropriate
        school conduct will be implemented and include suspension and expulsion
        according to Bill 212.

The spirit of Christ must be the model for all directives pertaining to
conduct in St. Joan of Arc High School community. As such, all school
members must:
        *Respect and comply with all applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws;
        * Demonstrate honesty and integrity;
        * Respect differences in people, their ideas and opinions as each member is a
          unique creation of God;
        * Treat one another with dignity and respect at all times, especially when there
          is disagreement;
        * Respect and treat others fairly, regardless of their race, ancestry, place of
          origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, religion, gender, sexual orientation,
          age or disability;
        * Respect the rights of others;
        * Dress in a manner that complies with the school uniform policy;
        * Take appropriate measures to help those in need;
        * Respect persons who are in a position of authority;
        * Respect the need of others to work in an environment of learning and
        * Show proper care and regard for school property and respect the property of
          others by refraining from causing damage willfully or through neglect.
        Student behaviour that is contrary to this Code of Conduct shall be subject to
        investigation and response as outlined in the Student Discipline Procedures.
        Staff behaviour that is contrary to this Code of Conduct shall be subject to
        investigation and appropriate response under the Simcoe Muskoka Catholic
        District School Board Human Resources procedures.
        Parent and other community members whose behaviour is contrary to this Code
        of Conduct are subject to investigation and appropriate response by the principal.

A principal shall suspend a pupil if he or she believes that the pupil has engaged
in any of the following activities while at school, at a school-related activity or in
other circumstances where engaging in the activity will have an impact on the
school climate:
        * Possessing a weapon, including possessing a firearm;
        *Using a weapon to cause or to threaten bodily harm to another person;
        * Committing physical assault on another person that causes bodily harm
          requiring treatment by using a medical practitioner;
        * Committing sexual assault;
        * Trafficking in weapons or in illegal drugs;
        * Committing robbery;
        * Giving alcohol to a minor;
        * Any other activity that, under a policy of a board, is an activity for which a
          principal must suspend a pupil and, therefore in accordance with the Part,
          conduct an investigation to determine whether to recommend to the board
          that the pupil be expelled.

A Principal shall consider whether to suspend a pupil if he or she believes that
the pupil has engaged in any of the following activities while at school, at a
school-related activity or in other circumstances where engaging in the activity
will have an impact on the school climate.
        * Uttering a threat to inflict serious bodily harm, bullying;
        * Possessing alcohol or illegal drugs;
        * Committing an act of vandalism causing extensive damage to school property
          or property located on school premises;
        * Swearing at a teacher, or other person in a position of authority;
        * Being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs;
        * Bullying;
        * Any other activity that that is an activity for which a principal may suspend a
          pupil under a policy of the board.

        *Civvies Days are considered to be out-of-uniform days. Civvies Days at St.
         Joan of Arc High School will be tied to fundraising activities or Social Justice
         causes and will be at the discretion of the Principal. Civvies days will no
         longer be on a routine monthly basis.
         On the above noted Civvies Days, casual clothes may be worn with the following
        * no inappropriate slogans
        * no ripped or torn clothing
        * no tank tops, halter tops and no bare midriff
        * no short shorts or other inappropriate attire
        * the School Administration reserves the right to deem appropriateness of clothing

Students who are not in proper school uniform WILL NOT be admitted to class
without a uniform pass from the office. Parents/Guardians will be responsible for
bringing the necessary uniform items to the school, whenever possible.
If there is a medical problem that prevents students from wearing any part of the
uniform properly at anytime, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to
provide the school with a doctor's note stating the specifics as to why the uniform
policy cannot be met.

Students who are persistently in violation of the school uniform policy are in
neglect of their duty as outlined in our Code of Conduct.

*Emergency uniform slips will only be issued before 8:00 AM. When a
 student is out of uniform for an extenuating circumstance, it is his/her
 responsibility to report to the office before the start of the school day.

*The decision about acceptable clothing rests with the Principal, Vice
  Principals and Teachers.

ATTENDANCE POLICY                                        
Regular and punctual attendance is essential. There is a strong correlation
between student achievement and student attendance. Irregular attendance is
often the reason for poor student achievement. Students with the help of their
parents must make the commitment to attend classes unless unable to do so due
to illness or exceptional circumstance.
To help ensure that students meet their obligations we have introduced an
attendance and punctuality system that provides us with early warnings of
problems. In addition, an automated telephone system will attempt to call the
homes of absent students each evening. Communication between home and
school is extremely important.

It is expected that students will attend all classes daily unless they are ill or
exceptional circumstances arise. When a student is absent, the Education Act
requires that notification from the Parent/Guardian (with reasons acceptable to
the Principal) be provided prior to the student returning to class.

We ask parents and students to relate school attendance to societal expectations
in the workplace. Prior notification of absence is always preferred. When a
student is absent from classes it is preferred that a PHONE CALL is made and a
message left with the attendance secretary PRIOR to the student's arrival back
to school (721-0398 ext 312). A message can be left at this extension 24/7. The
phone call should indicate the reason for the student's absence. If no phone call
has been previously made, students who have been absent from classes must
bring a note to the Attendance Office. The note should explain the reason for
absence and must be dated and signed by a parent or guardian. Students will not
be admitted to their homerooms without proper notification.

A student who does not have a phone call or note explaining the reason for the
absence, must see a Vice-Principal.

Students who are at school are expected to be in their scheduled classes.

Students are not allowed to be elsewhere in the school during their scheduled
classes working on assignments for other subjects unless arrangements have
been made with administration and the classroom teacher.

Students who become ill during the day must report to the front /main office so
that we may provide necessary assistance and necessary arrangements can be
made. Students are not to leave the school without reporting to the Attendance
Office. Failure to report to the office will be treated as truancy. The washrooms
and cafeteria are not intended as "health rooms". In cases of prolonged illness or
other exceptional circumstances, we may require verification from a Doctor.

If a student has an appointment during the day, he/she is required to bring a note
from his/her parent/guardian or appointment slip to the Attendance Secretary
BEFORE going to home room. Students will be given an excuse slip which will
authorize the early departure.

If a parent or guardian excuses their child from class, it is expected that the
student is not on school premises.

Students absent from a test or assignment due date will be required to either
write their test or submit their assignment on their first day back from their
absence. A signed note from home must be given to the subject teacher
explaining the absence. If a student is absent without permission from class(es)
he/she will be considered truant resulting in disciplinary action.

It is the student's responsibility to arrive on time for school and for all scheduled
classes. On rare occasions, circumstances beyond a student's control may result
in late arrival at school. In such cases students are to report directly to the
Attendance Office to receive a late slip. If you are late to class during the day
students are to report directly to class, where the matter will be addressed by
your teacher. Students who are consistently late will be monitored by the
classroom teacher and School Administration in an effort to help improve the
issue of lates.

Students with unexplained or unauthorized absences will be considered truant.
Truancy will result in disciplinary action. Truancy is a serious breach of school
policy and the Education Act. The progressive consequences for students who
are truant may result in parent contact, detentions, in-school consequences
and/or alternative measures. Alternative measures may involve restriction or
exclusion of school privileges.
A student is truant if he/she:
        * Does not sign in or out at the attendance office;
        * Returns to school without signing in;
        * Is absent from school without prior permission of a parent/guardian;
        * Becomes ill and stays in any room of the school instead of reporting to
          the attendance office;
        * Does not attend a scheduled class, school function, and/or assembly;
        * Receives permission to go to a certain place and does not report there.

A warning bell will ring at 7:55 AM. Students are to be seated in their homeroom
class when the homeroom bell rings at 8:00 AM. Attendance is taken during the
homeroom period. The morning routine also includes daily prayer, the national
anthem, and morning announcements. The expectation is that everyone will be
respectful during the national anthem and prayer. If students are in the hallway,
they need to stop for all morning exercises, including the morning
announcements and remain respectful.

Students sent to the office for any reason are to go directly to the Office and
remain there until seen by a Vice-Principal. Teachers are to contact the office
when dismissing a student from class. Failure to report to the office will result in
disciplinary action including suspension.

While the school recognizes that students who reach the age of 18 are adults,
the school also recognizes its obligation to keep all educational partners
(parents, students, staff) informed about school-related matters. It is policy for the
school to conduct the same communication with parents of students 18 years
and older, as with parents of younger students. Where students wish to withdraw
from this policy, a letter must be sent to the school administration, and kept on
file. Notes signed by students do not absolve them from consequences. At the
discretion of the administration, notes signed by students of legal age may be
deemed "inappropriate". Adult students must provide notification in advance or
the morning of an absence in order to be excused.

Should a student utilize this privilege to absent himself/herself from a
test/presentation without prior consultation with the subject teacher or
administration, he/she will be considered truant and appropriate disciplinary
measures will be taken.

The Ministry of Education now defines a full time student as one who has 210
minutes of class time scheduled. Therefore, all students must register as full time
students unless special permission is given by the principal. Only students with a
full time status are eligible to compete in GBSSA events.


Attendance during religious celebrations and school wide assemblies (not to be
confused with class 'buy out') are a mandatory and a requirement of all students.
Students who elect not to attend will be considered truant and progressive
measures will apply. Mitigating circumstances will be dealt with by the
school administration.

GENERAL POLICIES                                
Students, who suffer from severe allergies (i.e. anaphylaxis), must notify the
school in writing regarding the severity of the allergy. Students (or their parents)
are responsible for assuring that the proper medication (i.e. epipens)
accompanies them for both in-school and out-of-school functions. The school will
not accept responsibility for any allergic accident if parents/students fail to
provide the school with prior notification in writing of the allergy and fail to provide
the school with appropriate access to proper medication. Students who suffer
from anaphylaxis are required to fill out and submit the 'Anaphylaxis Alert Poster'.
This form is to be picked up and returned to the main office.

School personnel are not permitted to distribute non-prescription medication to

In accordance with the Smoke Free Ontario Act, smoking is not allowed on
school property at any time. A fine of $305 will be issued for a first offence if you
smoke on school property. A maximum fine of $5,000 will be issued if it is a
repeated offence. This law applies to everyone, anytime, anywhere on school

Smoking is permitted OFF school property and ONLY prior to the start of the
school day, at lunch or after school. Smoking at ANY other time of the day will
result in school consequences which could include progressive discipline

The use of skateboards / roller blades / scooters / wheel shoes etc, are not
permitted on school property.

Food and drinks are to be consumed only in the cafeteria. No food or drink is to
be consumed in the classroom or hallways. Students use the cafeteria on the
understanding that they will help clean the area (table, floor etc) where they have
been sitting. St. Joan of Arc is very proud to be an 'Eco School'. Students are
encouraged to keep up their recycling efforts.

Each student will be assigned a locker. Lockers are the property of St. Joan of
Arc High School. The school reserves the right to inspect a student's locker at
any time. Students are to use only the locker they have been assigned by the
school. Students are not to change or share lockers. Students are not to write on
any part of their lockers. "Permanent" decorations are not permitted. If students
decide to decorate the interior of their locker, it must be done using good taste
and common sense. Inappropriate decorations will be removed. Ensure that your
locker is kept secure - do not share combinations!
The school is not responsible
for lost articles. Students are asked to vacate their lockers on the last day of
classes in June. Only 'Dudley' locks are permitted on school lockers

All textbooks are provided on loan. Students are required, in the space provided
in the front of the text book, to write their full name, year and teacher. If a book
that is assigned to a student is lost or damaged, the student will be required to
pay to have it replaced. Students must keep the receipt when paying for a lost
text. In the event the textbook is recovered, the receipt is required before any
refund will be issued. In addition, students will NOT receive a textbook AND their
computer privileges will be suspended until such book(s) are returned or paid for.

Student parking is permitted in student designated areas only. Students who
engage in unsafe or inappropriate driving practices will be banned from parking
on school property. Students are not to sit in their vehicles on the school
property. The speed limit in the parking lot is 10 km/h.

All Grade 9 students are expected to participate in physical education. All
students are to be properly attired with JOA Phys Ed uniform. The Phys Ed
Contract must be signed by both student and parent.

School team members must comply with the Code of Conduct and academic
expectations of St. Joan of Arc High School. Members must pay a $50.00
refundable uniform deposit.

Members must comply with the Code of Conduct and academic expectations of
St. Joan of Arc High School.

The use of cell phones is strictly prohibited in classrooms and offices in the
school. Students in possession of cell phones must keep them turned off and in
their school bags. The Privacy Protection Act states that teachers reserve the
right to confiscate the phone if it is seen in the classroom. It will then be turned in
to the office. Cell phones may also be confiscated if it is believed they are being
used inappropriately. (i.e. Filming or taking photos). iPods are not to be used
during instructional time. They can be used during quiet seat work but only at the
discretion of the teacher.
Parents and students are reminded that the school is
NOT responsible for lost or stolen items, and strongly encourage students to
leave their cell phones and other electronic devices at home.

Two pay phones are located in the hallways for the convenience of all students.
These are the only phones in the school available to students. Students are
asked to keep their calls brief and are reminded that phone calls are not to be
made during class time.

The school cannot be responsible for the personal property of individual
students. Consequently, students are cautioned not to bring large amounts of
money, radios, cell phones, cameras, or other valuables to the school. Those
who choose to take the risk and bring these items to school are requested to
keep them in their locker and not leave them unattended. The school is not
responsible for lost or stolen items.

All text books and personal articles found within the school will be stored in the
front office. Those students who have lost items may check there to see if they
were found. Please check with the office staff when searching for your missing
articles. Students are encouraged to put identification on all of their possessions.

Students are asked to complete appropriate forms in the office. Help keep our
information accurate - notify the main office immediately of any changes in
address, phone numbers, contact persons, etc.

Procedures are in place to deal with emergencies pertaining to fire, weather,
medical concerns, physical endangerment of students and unauthorized visitors
to the school. Should an emergency require the evacuation of the school every
attempt will be made to have students removed immediately to a safe location
and parents will be notified after the safety of the students is assured. Parents
can assist the school with safety issues by helping the school enforce its uniform
policy and by encouraging their students not to bring guests to the school.

Fire drills are carried out regularly during the school year. All students are
required to participate in these emergency procedures. Students are required to
co-operate fully with all school staff. Students are required to remain with their
class and follow the instructions of their teacher. It is a criminal offence to tamper
with fire alarms or fire equipment.

The purpose of this procedure is to safely confine all students and staff from the
danger of intruders and to maintain a calm atmosphere during a violent incident.
A Code Red will be initiated by the Principal or the Principal's Designate.
Students are required to co-operate fully with all school staff. Students are
required to remain with their class and follow the instructions of their teacher.

In the event of inclement weather, students and parents are directed to listen to
B101 FM (101.1 FM), CHAY (93.1 FM), Rock 95 (95.7 FM) or log on to the board
website for information regarding school closures and bus cancellations.

Students must observe the rules of riding the bus as outlined by their bus driver.
Riding the bus is a privilege, not a right. Students who disregard the directions
and instructions of the driver will face the removal of their bus privileges. Hockey
sticks, skateboards, roller blades, skies, snowboards etc. are not permitted on
the buses at any time. Transportation is provided for the student to get to and
from school. It is not public transportation to get to work or a friend's house.
Note: If students need to take another bus to work or school for projects or
assignments, they must first report into the main office and ensure that the
appropriate paperwork is completed.

VISITORS TO THE SCHOOL (Including Parents):
The Safe School Act limits free access to schools to those who have legal school
business to conduct. All visitors must report to the main office to sign in and out.

STUDENT BEHAVIOUR                                
The behaviour of students at St. Joan of Arc High School is guided by the
Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board Code of Conduct and relevant
provincial legislation.

As indicated in the Code of Conduct, "Realistic Consequences for failure to meet
the expectations of appropriate school conduct will be implemented and include
suspension and expulsion according to the mandatory consequences of the
Ontario Code of Conduct". Other consequences for violations of the Code of
Conduct include warnings, detentions, essays, community service, and
apologies. The active involvement and co-operation of parents is essential in
dealing with issues of inappropriate behaviour.

Smoking in school, and on school property is strictly prohibited. Smoking is
hazardous to one's health and we encourage students not to smoke. Any
smoking on school property, at any time (before and after school, in-between
classes, during school dances/functions etc.) will result in an automatic
suspension from school. The buying or selling of tobacco products is strictly
prohibited. At the discretion of the principal, the Regional Tobacco Enforcement
Officer may be called to impose a fine under Ontario's Tobacco Control Act.

Possession and/or consumption of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs is not allowed
on school premises or at any school sponsored event. Any violation will result in
suspension, charges being laid, and possible expulsion from school.

Students who choose to resolve problems through violence will be dealt with
severely by the Administration. A minimum 3-day suspension is the typical
consequence for all involved.

Vandalism shows complete disrespect for the school and for school property
and/or equipment paid at taxpayers' expense. Students who engage in
vandalism (including graffiti of any kind) will be severely penalized. In addition to
making full restitution for all damages, vandals will be prosecuted and subject to
disciplinary action that will include suspension, and depending on the severity of
the damage, may include expulsion.

All students have the right to feel safe and comfortable and to be treated with
dignity and respect. The expectation at St. Joan of Arc is that students treat each
other and staff with respect, friendliness, kindness, and compassion. A student
who experiences any type of harassment - personally, sexually, racially,
religiously, ethnically or because of a handicap should report the incident
immediately to a teacher, guidance or to the administration.


Bullying is an act of aggression causing embarrassment, pain or discomfort to
another. It can take a number of forms: physical, verbal, gesture, cyber, extortion
and exclusion. It is an abuse of power. St. Joan of Arc High School treats such
activity as an extremely serious matter and a violation of the school code of
conduct which could lead to suspension and may include expulsion. Incidents of
bullying should be reported immediately to a teacher, guidance or administration.

A student is guilty of forgery if he/she falsely or fraudulently makes or alters any
document, signature or note, etc. in an effort to deceive or pass it off as genuine.
St. Joan of Arc treats such activity as an extremely serious matter and a violation
of school policy which could lead to a suspension and/or criminal charges
depending upon the severity of the situation.

Students are to refrain from excessive/inappropriate displays of affection on
school property (affectionate hugging, kissing, etc).

Gambling is not permitted on school property.

Use of foul or inappropriate language is not acceptable.

All staff and students at St. Joan of Arch High School have the privilege of
accessing a wide variety of computer resources including the Internet. All users
must acknowledge and accept their responsibilities regarding the proper use of
these technologies in order to keep this privilege. Students must adhere to the
rules and principles of the SMCDSB Computer & Internet Acceptability Use
Policy, and following the rules and behaviour as outlined below in St. Joan of
Arc's Computer and Internet Use Agreement. This policy helps to ensure that the
computer equipment remains in good working order and to protect the rights and
privileges of all students.

All students who wish to use the computers at St. Joan of Arc are expected to
adhere to the terms as outlined in the Computer Use Agreement. Failure to use
the computers in a positive manner can result in consequences ranging from loss
of privileges to laying of criminal charges.

Security is very important! You accept responsibility for any misuse of your
account regardless of who used it. Therefore, you will not share your
password with others, nor will you attempt to access any account that is not
your own.

You will have your own personal 6 letter login and a password. You must
remember your password in order to use the computer. (Keep it in a secure
location). You will access files only under your personal login. Any tampering
of login codes will result in the loss of computer privileges. Passwords may
be changed by the administration.

You shall not interfere with the functioning of the school's and/or Board's
systems or networks or cause disruptions in any of their services.

Your account will be disabled if there are any outstanding fees/books owing.

You will respect all equipment and materials in the lab. You will respect the
other students in the classroom;

Absolutely no food or drinks are allowed in the lab;

You will sit and use the computer workstation assigned to you by your

You must inform the teacher of any problems with the computer before using
it or when a problem arises including damage;

You will follow directions given by the teacher. If you do not follow directions
or are not completing assigned work you will lose your computer privileges;

You will view all materials before printing. Do not send numerous copies to
the printer. If you encounter printing problems inform the teacher.

You will ensure that your account will only be used for educational purposes
that reflect Catholic values and relate to classroom activities as directed by
your teacher;

You will not use your account for the distribution of any material which is
offensive, obscene, harassing, sexist, racist, pornographic, malicious or
slanderous, nor for any activity that may be considered unethical, immoral or

You will not install or download any type of software onto the system or

You will not broadcast any type of message across the network;

You will respect all laws of Canada, Ontario and the municipalities of Simcoe
and Muskoka including the Criminal Code and the Copyright Act;

Students are provided with a limited number of print copies that are to be
used for school use only. Additional print copies can be purchased in the

Any violation of these rules will give the Principal, Administration, Teacher,
and/or Network Administrator the right to terminate your account and access
privileges, and pursue any further disciplinary action according to the Education

Improving the learning of all students is the primary objective of assessment,
evaluation and reporting (AER).

Interim Reports and Report cards provide valuable information regarding student
progress. Students and parents are encouraged to review and celebrate student
learning by reading and discussing these reports together. Interim Reports and
Report cards are provided on a regular basis. Please refer to the 'Dates to
Remember' section in this agenda in order to determine when they are
distributed / mailed or posted on the school website.

Interviews for parents are scheduled following each midterm report card. Parent
conferencing is a way to dramatically improve home/school relationships. More
importantly, parent contact creates a parent/teacher team atmosphere, with each
member contributing his or her knowledge and experience for the benefit of the
individual student

Missed and/or incomplete work will impact a student's final grade if the
assignment is a summative demonstration of learning, and the teacher has no
other evidence of the student's achievement of the targeted expectation.

By completing tasks set out by the teacher, students increase their learning and
demonstrate it to others. It is therefore important that students work toward
completing all tasks, and that the teacher supports them in this process.
If a student neglects to submit or complete work, the teacher may have no
reliable evidence of the student's learning. If the assignment targets key learning
goals as determined by the teacher, the student's overall achievement will be
affected. The purpose of gathering data is to determine a student's grade which
accurately reflects achievement.

If a teacher deducts marks for late submission, the penalty should not alter the
mark more than 10% of the total possible score on the task. Students who know
they will be absent for an assessment should make arrangements with the
teacher in advance. If such arrangements are not made, students should not
expect to receive full marks for that assessment. A student who misses an
assessment because of illness or a family emergency should have a
parent/guardian contact the school on the day of the test to notify the teacher.
Mitigating circumstances such as these are reviewed and dealt with on a case by
case basis. The normal expectation is that the assessments will be due or will
occur on the day when the student returns to school.

A plagiarized assignment will be considered a 'Non-Submission'. Plagiarism
occurs when a student uses someone else's work and presents it as his or her
own. When a student submits work that is plagiarized, the student does not
provide evidence of his or her learning. Issues of plagiarism will be dealt with by
the student's vice principal.

Compulsory final examinations will be written in all subjects. Every student must
write final exams in all subjects. Any student who misses any examination
without just cause will receive zero on the examination. Serious illness, death in
the immediate family, etc. are just cause. Holidays, tournaments etc. are NOT
considered just cause for missing exams. Any student who is absent from a final
exam due to illness will be required to submit a Doctor's Certificate validating
their inability to write the examination. Please refer to the 'Dates to Remember'
section in order to assist with exam preparation.

SUPPORT SERVICES                        
In order to meet the needs of our students as fully as possible, it is essential that
the home and the school make every effort to communicate openly and
frequently. At the school, we shall endeavor to meet this need through our
reporting procedures, parent newsletters, and telephone. It is of equal
importance that parents keep teachers informed of any developments which
might influence the student's performance at school. If parents are uncertain of
anything, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

The school Chaplaincy Team Leader overseas the overall faith environment of
St. Joan of Arc by assisting administration, staff and students with the integration
of our Catholic Christian faith into the curricular and co-curricular life of the
school. Our Chaplaincy Team Leader is always available to anyone in the school
community for counseling and spiritual and vocational guidance. The Chaplaincy
Team Leader facilitates retreats for students and ongoing faith formation for the
staff, liaises with parishes and co-ordinates the rich sacramental and liturgical life
of the school.

On request, the Guidance Office provides counseling assistance to students. The
counselors may deal with personal, emotional, career and/or academic concerns.
The counselors of the Guidance Department are always willing to help students
plan ahead by providing:
        *individual counseling about courses, careers, and personal matters;
        *interest and aptitude tests to help students understand themselves;
        *printed information about jobs, colleges, universities, apprenticeships and
         other opportunities;
        *help in finding jobs;
        *referrals to School Board and community agencies for help with individual
Although Guidance counselors try to see every student every semester, students
should request an interview at a time best for themselves rather than waiting to
be contacted. Students should speak to the Guidance secretary to make an

Students who wish to make a change in their timetable should:
        *Consult the subject teacher
        *Speak to a Guidance counselor to receive permission
        *Complete the appropriate form, have it signed by a parent, and return the
         form to the Guidance counselor.
        *Students must attend their assigned classes until timetable changes have
         been formally processed.

This academic/work experience can be obtained through two and/or four credit
packages (whole or half day). Students are encouraged to explore career
choices through an employment model.
A wide array of placements are available that encompass hospitality and tourism,
parenting, technology and the world of work. These courses allow students to
spend a portion of their day in a community work setting as an extension of the
classroom program. Interested students should speak to their guidance
counselor if this type of experiential learning interests them.

At St. Joan of Arc the Student Success Team strives to identify and support
struggling students, provide more options for learning (such as extra help with
assignments and credit rescue/recovery), and monitor student progress.

Students Success offers struggling students who are not identified with an
opportunity for extra support. The Student Success teacher is available on a daily
basis to assist these students with the transition to high school, assignment
completion, organizational skills and credit accumulation. It is our goal to see that
every student has the opportunity to graduate from St. Joan of Arc.

The goal of Resource Services at St. Joan of Arc is to provide a sense of selfworth
and belonging within the school community. Our aim is to offer
programming which meets the needs of each student. We also strive to help
students make an easy transition to Grade 9.

Students are given the opportunity to receive assistance in a variety of subjects.

Resource teachers are available to help students with organizational time
management and study skills. Students who have been receiving resource
assistance at the elementary level may continue to receive it at the high school
level through St. Joan of Arc Resource Service.

Teachers will gladly give you academic assistance after school. Students must
make arrangements with the appropriate teacher during class and must arrange
for his/her own transportation home. In addition, Wednesday's after school,
Knight School" takes place in the library. Here students are encouraged to work
after school in the library. Teacher representatives from the major disciplines of
study are there to provide support to students.

There are schools and institutions which develop our minds, but communities
and families are schools of the heart, of love and of faithfulness to others. These
schools teach us to be more open to others, especially to those who are different
from ourselves, as well as helping us to learn about forgiveness and universal
love." These words of Jean Vanier espouse the philosophy and beliefs of the St.
Joan of Arc community. St. Joan of Arc staff and students, in keeping with the
Guiding Principles of the Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board are
committed to developing an inclusive school culture that nurtures a respectful
and collaborative community. We believe that "each student is capable of
learning and achieving to the best of his/her ability and to contribute and benefit
from meaningful participation in the life of their school". St Joan of Arc staff strive
to provide meaningful programming and a positive learning environment for ALL

One of the major functions of the Library Resource Centre is to help students
become independent thinkers and problem-solvers. The development of these
skills will lead to lifelong learning and the appreciation and enjoyment of literature
throughout adult life. The library staff provides assistance in the use of learning
resources according to the student's needs, interests and learning styles. The
Library Resource Centre is open from 7:20 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Classes are often
booked into the library for research on specific curriculum areas. Most resources
may be signed out on a two week loan basis. Students are responsible for
replacing lost or damaged materials.