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Joan of Arc
Parents play a key role in nurturing their children in faith and education. The more that you know and understand about what your child is experiencing and participating in while at school, as communities of faith and hope, the more support you will be able to offer them. But, it goes beyond academics...there are social, spiritual and physical dynamics involved as children go through their learning journeys.

This entire web site is dedicated to supporting you in your own journey as a Catholic parent. We have taken time to highlight and consolidate a few key links and resources that provide awareness of social issues, academics and faith, right here on this page. We hope you find this information useful!

Faith Resources
The Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations (pdf format) – This is the official brochure created by the Institute for Catholic Education, which outlines the distinct expectations that we have for all of our students
Fully Alive Parent Brochure (pdf format) – The Fully Alive program was developed by the Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops in collaboration with the Catholic community in Ontario. This brochure was created especially for parents to provide insight into the program
Here a two web sites that will be helpful for families who would like to access family prayer and faith activities:
Your Child’s Safety
Bullying – We Can All Help Stop It (pdf format) – A guide from the Ministry of Education to assist parents, of both elementary and secondary students, with the prevention of bullying
Issue Fact Sheets
Our Board has developed a number of fact sheets to help students when they may be experiencing difficulty in their life. These sheets may also provide parents with useful information and references
Addiction Cutting
Eating Disorders

Other Useful Resources

Understanding Report Cards This link will take you to the Measuring Student Achievement section of our web site, where you will find information about how to fully understand both elementary and secondary report cards
How Does School Funding Support My Child's Education – This parent guide was created by the Ministry of Education to provide more information about how Ontario schools are funded