Student Services

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Student Services Counselors:  Mrs Fraser, Mrs Timpano, &  Mr. McDermott   
on request, provide counseling services to students. The counseling may deal with personal, emotional, career and/or academic concerns. The counselors of the Student Services Department are always willing to help students plan ahead by providing: 

*  counseling for courses, careers, and personal matters.
*  interest and aptitude tests
*  printed information about jobs, colleges, universities, apprenticeships and other opportunities.
*  help in finding jobs.
*  referrals to School Board and community agencies for help  with individual problems.        

Although Student Service counselors try to see every student every semester, students should request an interview at a time best for themselves rather than waiting to be contacted. Students should speak to the Student Service secretary to make an appointment. 

Course Change Procedures
Students who wish to make a change in their timetable should:
*  make an appointment in student services 
*  speak to a  counselor to receive permission
*  complete the appropriate form, have it signed by a parent, and return the form to the  counselor.     

Students must attend their assigned classes until timetable changes have been formally processed.