Academic Excellence

EXCELLENCE (NOUN) definition: “The quality of being outstanding or extremely good.” (The World's Most Trusted Dictionary Provider. (n.d.). Retrieved from

At St. Joan of Arc Catholic High School, we strive to provide an academic experience which is outstanding. Each of our departments works with the current Government of Ontario Education Curriculum to provide stimulating lessons and experiences for our students in all course streams (academic, applied, college, university, locally developed and workplace).

Throughout their high school career, high achieving students will be recognized as Honour Roll recipients and will have the opportunity to be considered for prestigious and monetary awards in their graduating year.

Honour Roll - a grade 9, 10 or 11 student who has maintained an 80% average on a full timetable.

Ontario Scholar Graduation Award: A student may be designated an Ontario Scholar if he or she achieves an 80% or greater overall average in 6 grade 12 courses.

Our school is also active in promoting excellence in our students by offering extra opportunities for students to challenge themselves. Here is a list of some of the competitions that have been offered to students at St. Joan of Arc depending on student and staff interest.

Math contests….

Pascal Math Contest (for Grade 9 students), February

Cayley Math Contest (for Grade 10 students), February

Fermat Math Contest (for Grade 11 students), February

Euclid Math Contest (for Grade 12 students), April

Science Contests…..

Michael Smith Science Challenge(for grade 9 and 10 students), February

Simcoe County Regional Science Fair, April

OAPT Grade 11 Physics Contest, May

Sir Isaac Newton Physics Contest(for students enrolled in SPH4U), May

CAP National Physics Contest (for students enrolled in SPH4U), April

University of Toronto National Biology Competition (for students in grade 12)

University of Waterloo Chem13 News Exam (for students in grade12)

University of Waterloo Avogadro Exam (for students in grade 11)

Specialist High Skill Majors: Business and Non-Profit sectors.