JOA Student Council

Student Council (StuCo) is a leadership team that coordinates events and initiatives for students to promote school spirit. Each member of the council is either elected or appointed to their position. 

Members of our 2023-2024 Student Council Include:


Victoria Tomasik 

Nicole Murchie Sanchez 


Gwen Preston 

Social Media Coordinator: 

Sage Moreau 

Public Relations Coordinator: 

Nic de Vera-Whatt 

Grade Ambassadors: 

Jonathan Holubko 

Rocco De Oliveira 

Iraivi Senthanar 

Nilla Ditapat 

Peyton McDade 

Grace Noble Wilhelm 

Lauren Divito 

Yazmine Kamara 

Danika Dunne 

Kate Berto 

Logan Arsenault 

Brody Newton 

Aiden Wong 

Emilia Bernolak 

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