The Transition to High School

The Transition to High School

Making the transition from elementary to secondary school is an important time in your life. You may feel both excited and nervous when you are faced with the great new opportunities and challenges that await you in high school. You can look forward to many changes, increased responsibility and choice, but you may also be concerned about fitting in, having more homework and getting lost in a new school. On top of that, high school students need to start making plans for their future – you will be required to make choices in Grades 8 and 9 that will affect your life after you leave high school.

We recognize that students enter high school with different strengths, interests, and goals. You’ll be able to select courses that suit your needs and gradually prepare you for your goals through a specialized four-year high school program.

Getting Help Along the Way

We are here to make your transition to high school as smooth as possible. Take a look at some of the ways that we can help you prepare for your future.

The Annual Education Plan – Every student will prepare an annual education plan in Grade 7 or 8. Preparing this plan will help you set goals and review and assess your achievements and progress.

Guidance and Career Education – Our schools have guidance staff that can provide you with detailed information about various careers and about the course selections that will best prepare your for your future. In addition, you will be required to take a half-semester career studies course in order to graduate.

Student Success Teacher – The student success teacher is there to support you as you make the transition to high school.

Presentations and Guest Speakers – There will be opportunities for you to visit your high school prior to starting Grade 9 so that you can become more comfortable and aware of what it has to offer. You can also expect staff from our high schools to visit your elementary school to make a presentation and answer your questions. Once you are in high school, arrangements are made for guest speakers and representatives from colleges and universities, student tours of colleges and universities, visits to workplaces, and conferences and workshops on career opportunities.

Special Education – Students who participate in special education programs and services in Grade 8 can continue to do so in high school. As in elementary school, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) can be developed and maintained.

Other Assistance – Students who don't have an IEP, but need additional help to meet curriculum expectations, will continue to receive help in high school. There may be opportunities for other students to tutor you as well as mentoring programs.