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Helping You Learn

There are a lot of resources on the Internet that can help make your learning experience easier. Whether it is homework or study tips, researching on the Web, learning how to write an essay or using on-line tools, there are web sites out there that will help you learn. The hard part is sifting through all of the sites and finding the ones that are most useful, and now we have made that part easy too!

We have developed this page to provide you with “one stop” access to some really great web site links.

It is important to note that web sites listed below are separate from the Simcoe Muskoka District School Board site and therefore, they do not necessarily represent the views or beliefs of our organization.

Homework and Study Tips
Study Tips

The University of Waterloo has prepared an extremely resourceful study skills package. The information on this site is great for all students and will help you with everything from how to take notes to studying effectively for exams.
Research and Writing Help

Need to write a research paper and want to do a great job? This site provides some excellent tips about how to research and write papers.
Study Habits

You may have seen the Campus Starter magazine around your guidance office, but have you taken a look a their Web site? In addition to other useful information, you can access a range of articles to help you with your study habits.
Homework Help

This site is quickly becoming the world's premier homework help service With a global community of graduate-level students, teachers and professionals offering 24/7 expert academic homework help, this site can provide you with information in 47 fields of study.
Writer's Guide

Originally created for English students at the University of Victoria, this site has been now made available for high school and college students everywhere. It has great information about everything from writing essays and grammar to literary terms and documentation.
On-line Research Tools
Internet Public Library

This site has put together information to help you with life, school, friends, and work. You'll find articles written especially to help you solve problems, links to web sites you can use for homework, and a place to ask questions. There is a lot more, too. Explore!
Library Index

Find out information about local, national or even international libraries using this library index. You will get links to library web sites so that you can search on-line for research material.
National Library of Canada

This link will take you to the section of National Library of Canada's web site that enables you to search for Canadian information based on the subject or topic area.
Library of Congress

Even though this is an American site, there is some great information to be found here... try the "Ask a Librarian" link or the section for Kids and Families.
Art Research

With over 10,000 images of work from the National Gallery of Canada's permanent collection, as well as video and audio recordings, virtual tours, and teacher resources, this site is a huge resource for all things art-related.
Virtual Museum of Canada

Discover cool museums from across Canada, explore numerous on-line exhibits, and if you've got some spare time, visit the fun and games section.
Web Searches
Dictionary and Reference Tools

Find out what a word means and/or how to spell it correctly, using this dictionary tool.

Look for another word with the same or similar meaning, using this thesaurus tool.

A great on-line reference tool.
Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Use this free on-line tool to find definitions for words and use the thesaurus.

Other Neat Sites

Google Labs

Check out Google Labs for a sneak peek at the latest inventions from the world's most popular search engine.
Element Hangman

Use this on-line game to help you learn and remember the periodic table of elements.
Cram Science

Find answers to puzzling questions by asking Dr. Cram and discover unknown secrets of everyday science on this informative and entertaining site.
How Stuff Works

Fast becoming one of the most popular sites on the net. Here you can find detailed guides and articles on just about anything that's ever begged the question how does that work?