JOA Student Council


President: Kaitlyn Neto

Vice-President: Josh Dos Santos

Treasurer: Shayne Twiss

Secretary: Jacklyn Young

Social Convenor: Payton Moore


Athletic Rep: Nicole Ellison

Arts Rep: Erin Roach


Tech Liaison: Ana Timpano

Fundraising Coordinator: Peyton Burlington

Social Justice Rep: Ilina Kostadinova

Grade 12 Rep: Meghan Chapman

Grade 11 Rep: Lucas Jelinek

Grade 10 Rep: Isaiah Milley



All students must pay a Student Activity Fee of $30.00. The fees collected help defray the cost of running our co-curricular programs. These costs include: fees, transportation and equipment. A Student Card gives each student an agenda book. Some businesses provide discounts to students who present this student card a time of purchase. Students must pay an activity fee in order to do the
• Participate on a school team
• Belong to a club
• Attend school dances
• Attend the prom


• Students need a student card to attend any dance;

• Doors close at 9:00 PM. Anyone wishing to be admitted later must see one of the council advisors to make arrangements to be allowed in;

• All coats and bags must be checked in the coat check area provided;

• Once students leave, they are not allowed in again;

Any student wishing to bring a guest from outside the school must have a ticket purchased ahead of time by a JOA student. No tickets will be sold to non-JOA students at the door under any circumstances.

Each JOA student is permitted to bring a maximum of one guest and they must arrive at the dance together.

• In addition, non-JOA students must provide official photo identification upon entry into the dance. 

• Any student found under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be disciplined accordingly.